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Wheel Refurbishment Training Testimonial by Mbala Vunge

Coming all the way from Angola, Africa, Mbala came to Rightlook and completed the Wheel & Rim Refurbishment training class. As his boss is planning to open an auto repair business in Angola, Mbala shares that Rightlook was their best option to learn about the service and learn how to actually repair wheels and rims.

Enjoying the portion of the class where him and the other students were working on wheels attached to car, Mbala also shares his favorite part was the painting portion of the wheel repair.


My name is Mbala Manuel Vunge; I’m from Angola, Africa. I come for Rightlook’s training for wheel repair and I liked it. My boss found this place because he’s an American planning to make a business in Angola. Ruben was a nice guy, really nice guy and he gave a lot of information. Everybody wants something for wheel repair; we’re now prepared for our future now

The first day everything we covered a lot of information on Wheel Repair. After 2 days, it was good. I enjoyed it. We could make the repair and joke around. It was good for me. I liked it. My favorite part of training was painting. I like to work on the vehicle, so much better working on the vehicle. Thank you very much for my training.

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