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Vehicle Dent Removal Training – PDR – Training Testimonial by Todd Beilman

Having done body work in the past, Todd Beilman decided that Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) would be a great service to learn and add to his skill set. Choosing to train at, “I learned more that I thought I could in a week,” Todd said.

With no prior experience with removing dents from vehicles, Todd finished the PDR training confident in his newly acquired dent removal skills. He knew his training at Rightlook paid off once he began removing dents from a live vehicle, sharing that, “It boosted the confidence level and we were able to just get out there and get the job done and it turned out looking good.”

If you’re looking to add a profitable service like Vehicle Dent Removal to your business or overall skill set like Todd, go to for more information on Rightlook’s professional PDR training course as well as other auto detailing/auto reconditioning training courses.

My name is Todd Beilman; I’m from Wentzville, MO. I took the PDR class because I’ve been interested in doing it. I’ve done body work in the past and I thought this was a good expansion towards what I was looking to get into. Garrett was the PDR trainer and he did a really good job, no issues whatsoever. The class was fun, very educational and I learned more than I thought I could in a week. This is a pretty tough course and Garrett did an excellent job of training us.

The size of the class worked out really well. There was enough time to deal with the teacher but he wasn’t looking over your shoulder every given second, nitpicking everything what you were doing because he had enough students to keep him busy.

I have not done any PDR in the past and it was a lot more challenging than I expected it to be but by the second day, it started to click and a lot of practice to go but it’s much, much easier than it was the first day or two.

We actually worked on two cars, we worked on a Honda and a BMW and both of them turned out very, very well. It was a good experience. It went from wondering if I was going to be able to do this on a regular panel to ok, this is the real thing. It boosted the confidence level and we were able to just get out there and get the job done and it turned out looking good, the whole class did a good job.
Great experience, I thought the course was very well handled, my instructor Garrett did a great job and I highly recommend Rightlook to anybody who is looking to get into PDR training. I couldn’t have asked for a better school.

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