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Start A Part Time Detailing Business

At we offer complete training and equipment packages to start your own auto detailing or auto reconditioning business. Though many of our customers are full-time, there are plenty of others that only work on the side to make some extra cash, or are saving up to go full time.

If you’re sick of your current 9-5, or just want to make some extra cash, part-time auto detailing or reconditioning is a great way to start. Detailing and reconditioning businesses are affordable to start and you can make big profits with just a couple jobs a week. Starting a part-time business is also a good way to transition to a full time career running your own business.

Tips for Your Part Time Detailing Business

Do Professional Work

If you really want to make big profits with your part time operation, you need to be trained to deliver professional results. If people wanted an amateur job they could head to a high school fundraiser for a lot less than you want to make. Don’t learn it yourself and don’t think the pros learned 2 minutes at a time on YouTube. Referrals are founded on results, so get the professional instruction and hands-on training you need to do the job right.

Look Professional

You may be working part time, but you should look full-time. Don’t be the guy with the unmarked truck, sponge, and bucket that calls himself a detailer. Look like a pro by keeping your setup clean and organized and investing in some low-cost marketing materials like a business card and some vehicle graphics. If you’re serious about growing, invest in a logo, branded website, and some custom apparel. A Social Media page is another low-cost way to promote your business online. Laying the groundwork for your brand is very important if you intend to build up to a full-time business. You can find a complete selection of print and online marketing services at Rightlook Creative.

Work Weekends

Part time detailing doesn’t mean you have to pile detailing work on top of your other gig. Weekends allow plenty of time to make big profits as a part-timer. You can make up to $200 or more for a full detail, so find two cars to work on and you’ve got a $400 Saturday.

Refer Friends and CoWorkers

Need to find some customers? Building a strong customer base doesn’t have to involve any more effort than talking with the people that are already part of your daily life. Talk to friends, co-workers, and neighbors about where they get their car cleaned. In most cases they’ll be happy to get service from someone they can trust and with the right training and equipment you’ll provide results that will keep them coming back and even promoting your business to other people they know.

We’re Here to Help

Rightlook was founded to make it easy to get everything you need to get your part time operation off the ground and we’re always here to talk strategies for building up to a full time operation. Part time can be a goal, or just the beginning.

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