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PDR Training Testimonial by David Crane

Looking into a more profitable career, David chose to learn how to repair dents on automobiles at Rightlook’s professional Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) training class. Going through the motions of PDR training, David talks about how he started a little rough but by the end of training was confident with the dent removal techniques he learned.

David also notes how great the set-up of the PDR training was, sharing that the small class size allowed the instructor to focus on individual students at a time, giving them the amount of attention each student needed.

And with an expert PDR instructor teaching him the ins and outs of Paintless Dent Repair, David is ready to transition from his a career as a auto body painter to certified professional PDR technician.

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I’m David Crane; I’m from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I came here to Rightlook to learn how to do PDR and I’ve had an excellent trainer, he’s Garrett. He spends a lot of quality time with you, the class is small, so he can spend time with you and you learn a lot.

I took the PDR class here at Rightlook, that’s just the field I want to get into now. I’m a painter and PDR is a lot better money, a lot better career. My trainer is Garrett, he’s a very good trainer, took time with him, he’s personal with you, and if you any questions he helps you and gets to that point and because of him I believe I’ll have a really good career in this.

He knows when you’re in trouble; he’ll come over and help you out. He help you get to the point where you need to be and he shows you why what you did what you did and shows you not how to go there and mess up and he corrects your and shows you the correct way to do it and he’s very thorough with that and it really helps you out

The first day, I’m thinking, ‘oh man what have I done?’ the second day it starts coming to you and you’re thinking, ‘hey.’ By the third day your doing pretty good and you’re thinking this is alright. By the fourth day you’re doing a pretty good job and it comes along fast, a lot faster than I thought it would. Yesterday, we had an actual vehicle and it all comes together. Everything you learn comes together at that one point in time. When you do it you’re like, ‘hey’ you feel really good and really confident, makes you a very confident person.

By the end of the course, you’re fixing dents and they’re looking good and made a lot of progress. This is going to be my new career. I’m really glad that I came here and done this, it was money well spent, it was a very good investment. I really believe I’m going to have a good career because came here and chose Rightlook for my training.

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