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PDR – Paintless Dent Removal Training Testimonial by Russell Lopez

After learning more about Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) from one of Rightlook’s business consultants, Russell decided to take the professional PDR Training at With an expert PDR trainer and plenty of hands-on training, Russell is ready to start his own Paintless Dent Removal business.

Admitting that he had a rough start the first day, Russell shares that “the next day it started clicking in” and by the time they were given the chance to work on a live vehicle Russell was confident in his paintless dent removal training, confident that he could expertly take out dents.

Get the best hands-on PDR training at and start your own business like Russell. For more information on the professional Paintless Dent Removal training, click here.

My name is Russell Lopez; I’m from North Carolina. I came over here to do the PDR training. I chose to train because I called and I had a good response, I talked to Steve which he helped me out a lot. He called me back when he said he would and followed up with me. The training class I took was PDR; the reason was its something that I’d like to do. I looked at it in the beginning of the year and thought it was pretty neat and finally had the chance to come here and do it.

My PDR trainer was Garrett, he’s a great guy, helped me in every other way I could think about. He explained to use how this stuff works and gave us examples. It was great, he’s a good teacher. The class size was a good size; it gave him enough time to see me when I needed to talk to him.
The first day was kind of tough, it was tough, but the next day it started clicking in. Wednesday after working with the hoods, everything just clicked. I would say from 1-10 I was up to a 9, I was good with it and comfortable working on the BMW and I think I did good job on it. It was good practice, it was a little different from working on the practice hoods and doors but I liked it.

My favorite part was meeting all the guys and meeting Garrett, we had a great time and we all talked and everybody helped each other out and I liked about. I’d say the next couple weeks I should be ready to start my own business. It’s hands-on training, and they explained everything and how it works, I would recommend

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