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PDR – Paintless Dent Removal Training Testimonial by Jahswill Ekele

Looking for a profitable career where he could be his own boss, Jahswill decided to take Rightlook’s professional Paintless Dent Removal training.

With the guidance of his expert PDR instructor Greg, Jahswill really responded to Greg’s overall performance as a trainer and shared that “He not only knows how to do the job but he also knows how to impart the knowledge.”

After learning and perfecting his techniques on how to remove dents with practice panels and hoods, Jahswill was ready for an actual vehicle to work on and the last days of PDR training gave him that opportunity. “Judging by what I did today, I could easily go out there and give customers a very good service,” Jahswill said.

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My name is Jahswill Ekele; I came from Lincoln, NE, originally from Nigeria. I’ve been working in Nebraska and decided to do something more challenging and something that could make me my own boss and I heard of PDR. So I went online and started researching schools that could train people to be professionals in the auto reconditioning industry and I found I read comments about and I saw that is actually up to here when it comes to auto reconditioning.

My pdr trainer is Greg Hall. The quality of information I got from Greg is unsurpassed. He not only know how to do the job but he also knows how to impart the knowledge, somebody who knows how to impart what you need to know to be a professional paintless dent removal technician. I was able to call him and ask him questions, the directive, how to handle a situation and he was very helpful and helped me to get things resolved.

So to be able to work on a real car after working on panels and side doors is amazing, it makes you feel more comfortable. It raises your tension up so it makes you more careful. I was able to take out 3 dents and they came out perfect; I’m working on my 4th dent now.

Judging by what I did today, I could easily go out there and give customers a very good service. My experience here overall has been great; I would rate this place excellent when it comes to professionalism as a vocational college, or a vocational school. has no comparison.

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