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Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) Training Testimonial by Sam Tobar

Sam is an auto body painter at a Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership in Grand Rapids, MI and rather than continue to outsource the dent repair work, Sam came to Rightlook and took the Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) Training class to keep the dent removal jobs in-house.

With the guidance of his expert PDR instructor and encouragement from his peers (whom had formed a sort of comradery as Sam shares) Sam noted that the PDR class was actually fun after getting over some preliminary hurdles.

With so much confidence in his new found dent removal skills, it was a sense of accomplishment when Same realized he didn’t need the PDR trainer consistently checking his work – by the end of training, he knew he had done the dent repair right.


Hey my name is Sam Tobar; I’m from Grand Rapids, MI. I work at a Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership; we have a used car lot. I’m the painter there, been there for 25 years. We decided to take the PDR class from Rightlook to keep the money in house. We probably had 3 guys we had do PDR and we finally decided were spending too much money outsourcing this and we should keep it in-house.

My instructor Garrett was an awesome instructor. I mean, I learned a lot in the first 2 hours. He helped you when you were struggling, he was there for you and he never gave up on you, he was constantly on you trying to get that 100% dent out and that helped a lot. Whenever you had a question he would come right over and help you out.

Everybody’s on different levels, you might be a day ahead of somebody else but everybody helps each other out. It’s actually a fun class because everybody is trying to help each other out. The first couple days of class, I mean the very first day was rough. The first hour, two hours was very difficult for me. After you get through that hurdle of finding your tip, it’s smooth after that.

The first car we actually worked on, you really got to take your time. By then, you were already could find your tip and ready to take dents out. You just take your time and get them out. Fixing the dent on my own and not asking the instructor if it looked good or not, I knew it was there, that was the highlight of my class. I feel confident in start working right away but you got to practice but I feel very confident in my skills right now.

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