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Low Pressure Washer Skid Mount Unit from

Here’s Claude Harris, owner of Final Appearance Auto Detailing picking up a custom low pressure washer skid mount unit. Low pressure doesn’t mean less hardware – this rig includes: electric low pressure washer with adjustable gun, super-quiet Honda generator, and 25 feet of hose with ratcheting hose reel.

Produce expert results with one compact, eco friendly car wash rig. Our new detailing skid mount makes it easier than ever to take your business on the road with this ultra-portable, low pressure car wash skid mount.

The low pressure washing system means you use less water to get the job done. Less water consumption makes your business more efficient, and more eco-friendly.

Use less water, do more jobs, make more money. The low pressure car wash system is the perfect tool for the mobile detailer. If you’re interested in a pressure washer skid mount unit for your business, call today to speak with one of our business consultants, or learn more about our skid mounts here.

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