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Dent Repair Training Testimonial by Terry Holbrook

After 31 years as a hard hit collision repair expert, Terry wanted to try his hand at dent repair. Looking for 3 months, Terry ultimately chose Rightlook’s professional Paintless Dent Repair training class.

Beginning with practice hoods and door panels and then eventually moving onto an actual vehicle, Terry was happy to see very common types of damages applied to the panels (and even vehicles) they were working on – giving him both hands-on training but real life application of the PDR techniques he just acquired.


I’m Terry Holbrook; I’m from Avon, Indiana. I first contacted Rightlook 3 months ago while pursuing a Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) training program. I’m a 31 year veteran collision hard hit repair man and I need something easier and PDR seems to be stressful, straining but still easier than my daily job.

Garrett was my trainer and he was a lot of fun. He kept the spice in the class while still delivering the knowledge you needed to know to perform the job. With the small class you get more time with the instructor instead of the instructor bouncing through 20-25 students. He gets around to everybody; he doesn’t leave anyone alone. He kept coaching me where to go, where to keep going not to quit, “it’s not that bad, you might get one that bad in the real world.”

Simulated working on real cars, the hoods were flat, they were on stands, they were stable. The doors, was the same as doing an everyday door dent, car lot parking damage, grocery cart damage so it was pretty realistic. From working on panels, it was the real thing so you have different obstacle but again, Garrett’s real informational about what you do, how to get around it in the real world and the rest of it is up to where you go once you get home.

We learned proper tool techniques, we learned tool handling, proper standing, and ways to do the job without destroying your body and learned a little bit of the profitability of it and how to charge and it should be a good career.

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