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Automotive Dent Repair Training Testimonial by Darrell Becker

Darrell from Yuma, AZ was looking for a change of career as he says that, ‘everybody’s brother does landscaping’ in Arizona and saw Automotive Dent Repair as a good opportunity for him. Having no prior experience with Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), Darrell decided to go to and take the professional PDR training class.

Darrell notes how well the class was laid out in terms of class size, set-up, and process. The addition of working with an expert instructor who currently works in the PDR field was also great. With valuable experience under his belt, Darrell shares how excited he is to start his new PDR business.


I’m Darrell Becker from Yuma, AZ and I really liked coming to Rightlook here the experience was good, the trainer was excellent and I definitely recommend it for others looking for Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) training. Where I’m at, I’m a landscaper and everybody’s brother does landscaping and it looked like an opportunity for me so that’s why I chose to do PDR. Garrett was my trainer and Garrett was awesome. I really liked working with him and he’s a good instructor. I think the class size is good, I think it’s just about right. There’s enough time for Garrett to get around and there’s not too few people, it’s just about right.

I definitely would want to start on the panels because we had no idea what we were doing when we started and now we can actually take a dent out. I like working on the actual cars because that way you get a better idea, a better feel for them when we actually go out in the field and do the work. It’s just that you want to be real careful so you don’t mess up the car but I think it was good. The favorite part for me is when I’m successful in taking out a dent. I think it’s a good experience, I think its going to be worth it and I’m excited about the new business to start.

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