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Auto Detailing Training Testimonial & Mobile Car Wash Equipment Pick-up by Flawless Elite Detailing

Father and son duo, Big Tony and Little Tony, have big plans for their mobile auto detailing and auto reconditioning business, Flawless Elite Detailing. Having taken Rightlook’s professional Auto Detailing Training course six years ago, Big Tony comes back with his son to professionally train as an auto detailer. Big Tony shares, “I remembered that Rightlook had a great training session… this is the perfect place to get [my son] off to a great start.”

In addition the the auto detailing training, Big Tony and Little Tony also completed Rightlook’s Headlight Restoration and Windshield Repair Training classes. “We just want to be a full service detail company and Rightlook provided everything I think a great detailer needs to run a business,” noted Big Tony.

Everything also included a custom mobile detailing trailer, equipped with the latest auto detailing equipment and tools, which the father and son team just picked up. Flawless Elite Detailing also enlisted the help of Rightlook Creative for the graphics applied onto the mobile detailing trailer.

If you’re looking to launch your own auto detailing business like Big Tony and Little Tony, then check out for information on professional training, equipment and supplies, and even marketing.

My name is Little Tony, this is my father, Big Tony; we own Flawless Elite Detailing and we’re from Los Angeles, CA. We came to rightlook to learn a little a little about auto reconditioning. I found Rightlook when I was looking to start a business about 6 years ago and my friend told me there was a great training facility in San Diego. So, we looked Rightlook up and 6 years ago we tried this, I came to training and it was great but I wasn’t able to start the business. 6 years later, here we are.

We both have a passion for cars and I remembered that Rightlook had a great training session back then. He’s 18 and we’re able to start a business and this is the perfect place to get him off to a great start. We took the hands-on detailing, headlight restoration and he also did windshield repair. We just want to be a full service detail company and rightlook provided everything I think a great detailer needs to run a business.

Ruben was our trainer and he was great. It was my son and I in class and he made sure we understood everything before he moved to the next phase of the training session. He gave great direction, he was clear. We got a chance to use the equipment here in the background so we could get familiar with the things we got from you guys.

He gave my son one side of the car, I took the other side of the car and Ruben gave us some great rules as far as checking each other’s work after we finished to make sure our customers are satisfied after the detail was complete.

I talked to Daniel, and kind of shared what my vision was (or what our vision is) to be top-notch auto reconditioners and Daniel said, “You know, you want the trailer we got that for you, we got a guy named Donny who builds great trailers.” We got the wash mat, we got the generator, water tank, everything we need and even a package he set up for us that gives us buffers and polishers and things we need to go out there and do our job efficiently.

Donny was great, he actually took out time with my son and showed him how everything worked and went over things from the beginning. He told us we could give him a call if we need help or run into any problems. He fired up everything and everything worked great.

Rightlook is first class, Ruben is first class and it just made me feel confident that we could go out and start a great business. Big Tony and Little Tony from Flawless Elite Detailing; If you need a detail in the Los Angeles area, we’ll come to you and provide you the service you won’t be upset about. See you soon.

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