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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Training Testimonial by Shawn Carter

Shawn came to Rightlook to take the professional Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Training class with plans to offer wheel repair services in-house at the BMW dealership he works for in Cincinnati. After only 3 days of hands-on alloy wheel refurbishment training, Shawn shares, “I feel confident that I can get back to Cincinnati and put my wheel repair skills to work right away!”

With no prior experience with wheel repair, Shawn really appreciated the one-on-one interaction he got from his instructor as well as the structure of the class–learning proper procedures, practicing on a tire on a rack, then ultimately repairing a tire from beginning to end on a wheel attached to a car. “It all comes together, it lets you see how the process is going to work,” notes Shawn.’

If you work at a dealership and looking to provide profitable services in-house like Shawn, visit to learn more about Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Training as well as other professional training courses offered.

Hi my name is Shawn carter; I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio. I work for a BMW dealership down there. I came to Rightlook to get training for wheel repair as an additional service to add to our dealership. I’ve been here with Ruben for 3 days learning how to do the wheel repair system and it’s been great. Quality of the information he’s provided me with was definitely good, it was top notch stuff; he definitely knows what he’s talking about.

That was great having on-on-one time with Ruben, actually it was a lot better for me, of course, having the one-on-one instead of having him spread his time with other students, so that worked out great. The first couple days was a little bit of classroom, learning all the terminology, steps and procedures then watching Ruben work his magic—showing me what I was going to do the next couple days.
The second day when I actually started doing a little hands on was a little nerve racking of course because I’ve never done this stuff before but it just takes time and repetition and you pick it up over time. I actually enjoyed working on a vehicle today instead of working on just a tire on a stand. Working on a vehicle makes it all come together, lets you see how the process is going to work.

I definitely felt more confident today than I did two days ago when I first started, it’s definitely a learning process and you can definitely pick it up in two or three days. I’m sure as soon as I get back to Cincinnati, I feel confident enough that I could start doing this stuff right away. I learned a lot and I feel confident that I can get back to Cincinnati and put my wheel repair skills to work right away.

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