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Alloy Wheel and Rim Repair Training Testimonial by Doug Van Oosten

Doug came all the way from Chicago, IL to San Diego to take Rightlook’s professional Alloy Wheel and Rim Repair training. With no experience with wheel and rim repair tools or painting rims, Doug leaves Rightlook’s Wheel and Rim Repair training class with confidence, ready to go back home and start offering the service.

Doug acknowledges that it was Rightlook’s hands-on approach to the Wheel and Rim Repair training that made him comfortable throughout the course. With tons of information from his trainer Ruben, Doug appreciates how all the tips and tricks given to him will him throughout his Wheel and Rim Repair career.

If you want to start offering Wheel and Rim Repair as a service to your auto detailing business, get more information click here.

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