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Windshield Repair Training Equipment

Windshield Repair: The Perfect Add-On Service

Windshield Repair Training Equipment

Looking for a way to boost profits for your automotive business? Why not add another valuable service like windshield repair to your operation? Windshield repair is a high-demand service with low overhead, easy startup requirements, and high profit margins.

Read on to learn more about the reasons that make windshield repair the perfect add-on service for the automotive appearance professional.

High Demand

No matter how careful you drive, there’s no preventing debris, temperature change, and other hazards from damaging windshield glass. Few customers drive very long with a cracked windshield, but it isn’t always necessary to replace the entire piece of glass. Windshield repair is in high demand because it produces high quality results and can be done for a fraction of replacement cost. Repair is also less hassle and can be done on location in as little time as 15 minutes. Many car insurance agencies also cover windshield repair and will waive the deductable for the service.

Easy to Learn Online or Hands-On

Knowledge and techniques required to perform professional windshield repair are relatively straightforward and the basics can be learned in just a few days. Once you’ve learned the techniques required, all you need is a windshield repair kit and you’re ready to start doing business. offers both hands on training at our San Diego facility, as well as an online video training course that lets you learn from home.

Low Overhead / Big Margins

The supplies and expenses associated with windshield repair are all very low compared to the profits made with each individual job. The average windshield repair kit provides enough uses to reach an overhead of around $1 per repair. That allows for huge margins and with windshield chip repair averaging at $50 per job, you’re making $49 in profits with every job. Also keep in mind most of those jobs can be completed in well under a half hour.

Compact Equipment

Everything you need for complete windshield repair fits in a single toolbox, making it easy to take your windshield repair business anywhere you go. For mobile auto detailers, all you need to do it throw your kit in your truck or trailer and you have a complete add on business.

Add-on services are a great way to grow you business and windshield repair is the perfect place to start. provides everything you need to enhance your business with a windshield repair service.

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