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Our 9800 Auto Detailing Trailer: Fully-Stocked and Ready to Rock

We’ve shown a few videos of our 9800 auto detailing trailer, which is one of our top-selling pieces of auto detailing equipment. You guys wanted to see how it looks once it’s set up and ready for business, so we pulled out the video camera and recruited Rightlook business consultant, Steve, to give you a full video walkthrough of our 9800 detailing trailer complete with tools, equipment, and even a mobile office setup.More Details About The 9800

Built for Your Mobile Detailing Business

Our trailers are built by detailers for detailers and every high quality feature is added to make your life easier. Pull open the diamond plate doors and you’ll have easy access to all of your heavy duty equipment while keeping any chemicals, applicators, brushes, and towels organized. With our custom interior shelving, you can even set up a mobile workstation so you can finish the job outside the trailer, then head in to set up billing, print invoices, and route your next destination. This trailer allows you to tow your entire mobile detailing business.

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Room to Grow

When you take your business on the road, it’s vital that you have everything you need to get the job done right. Our 9800 trailer is custom-built  so you are always prepared and organized. Our detailing trailers have plenty of storage because we know more space for tools and chemicals means more jobs and more profits.

Packed with Features:

– Diamond Plate Doors with Storage for Chemical Bottles
– Bins for Towels and Cyclo Pads
(optional add-on)
– Custom Interior Shelving and Cabinets
– Wire Hangers for Brushes 
(optional add-on)
– Makita Air Compressor
– Honda 3,000 Watt Quiet Generator
– 2,000 PSI Custom Pressure Washer w/ Gun and 50 Feet of Hose
– Valved Water Hose Extension
– 90 Gallon Heavy Duty Water Tank (Detail Up to 30 Vehicles)
– Three-in-One 15 Gal. Extractor, Vacuum, and Water Reclamation System 
(optional add-on)
– 50 Feet of Extractor Hose 
(optional add-on)
– Non-Slip Rubber Flooring.
– Custom Diamond Plate Shelf for Mobile Workstation
– Interior and Exterior Locking Storage Boxes
– Interior Lighting and Ventilation

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of our fully-stocked 9800 detailing trailer. For your own custom-built detailing trailer, Contact Us.

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