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Benefits of Starting an Auto Detailing Business

Auto detailing is an incredibly versatile business which yields high profits and a strong customer base. At auto detailing school we offer easy and effective training so you can launch a number of automotive service businesses. Our highest recommended training is our auto detailing program. There are many benefits to starting an auto detailing business – here are a few advantages that tell why auto detailing often becomes the most successful business after training.

Starting an Auto Detailing Business Why Detailing is the Popular Choice:

Low Costs

One of the best things about the auto detailing business is the low entry costs. If you were to start a mobile detailing business, all you would need is training, a trailer, some hardware, and basic supplies. After that, restocking supplies is your only recurring cost, leading to our next benefit.

High Profit Margins

The lower your business expenses, the higher your profits, and auto detailing is a low-expenses business. Customers pay good money for auto detailing, and since nearly all of your start-up costs are one-time fees, you can quickly make that money back and will soon be turning a hefty profit.


You’ll quickly pay off your initial expenses, and once you do there’s nowhere to go but up. Your business can be as big (or small) as you want it to be, allowing you to tailor your business to you and your customers’ preferences. If you build enough customers, then you can expand out of the mobile trailer and have your own storefront. However, there are benefits to being mobile too, so if you’d rather be able to go where the business is, you can be just as successful doing that.


In any economic climate, people will need vehicles. Another constant is that vehicles will get dings and scratches, interiors will fade, and those vehicles will deteriorate. Since auto detailing can clean and restore customer vehicles, it will always be a service in demand. In fact, a lower economy actually helps auto detailing businesses since customers are more likely to buy detailing than spend more on replacement parts.

“Foundation Service”

We like to call auto detailing a “foundation service” because it’s a great starting point for building a much larger and more complete auto care business. A detailing business can easily sustain itself alone, but once established, you’re free to add even more services. With Rightlook you can get training and supplies to provide paintless dent repair, wheel repair, windshield repair, or vehicle graphics and more for your customers.

Repeat Customers

The average auto detailing customer details his or her car at least once a year, while many others pay for detailing every few months. Such habits eliminate the constant pressure of finding new customers, allowing you to be confident you won’t run out of business. We’ll help you market for that initial customer base, and after that you’re set, and your business will flourish with a strong repeat customer pool.

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With so many great reasons to start your own auto detailing business, can you afford to miss out? At Rightlook, we give you everything you need to break into this exciting and profitable business. Give us a call at 800-883-3446 to start enjoying the benefits of an auto detailing business.

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