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Introducing the New Rightlook Low Pressure, Eco-Friendly Car Washing Skid Mount Unit

Steve Drennon of outlines Rightlook’s newest compact auto detailing equipment, the Low Pressure Washer Skid Mount. This new rig includes an electric, low pressure washer that minimizes gas and water consumption, lowers emissions, and it’s all compact enough to fit in the back of a van or SUV. The skid mount is ideal for the lightweight, environmentally-friendly detailer. See all included features below:

Rightlook Skid Mount Features and Equipment:

  • Electric Low Pressure Washer with Gun
  • 25’ Hose and Ratcheting Hose Reel
  • Honda EU 2000 Super Quiet Generator
  • 40 Gallon Water Tank
  • Vacuum Unit
  • Diamond-Plated Deck
  • Rides with No Vibration

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