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How to Start a Car Detailing Business makes it easy to find a profitable business in car detailing or auto reconditioning. We offer everything you need to get started – from training to detailing trailers. Car detailing is an enjoyable, profitable business that anyone can get into. In this post, we’ll walk you through 5 easy steps for how to  start a car detailing business of your own.

3 Steps to Starting a Car Detailing Business

Car Detailing Training

Training is the most important step when starting a car detailing business because it lays the foundation for your entire service. Auto detailing training determines the results you can achieve, how your business develops, and the message you send to customers.

Would you rather get your hair cut by someone you knew was self-taught to save money, or would you rather go with someone who had hands-on training with hair styling experts? Unless you’re into buzz cuts, it’s probably choice #2. offers hands-on car detailing training with instructors who have been performing these services for years.

You actually get to practice with the same tools and materials you’ll use for customers’ vehicles, so you’ll have all the real world experience you need to serve actual customers with precision and confidence.

Detailing Equipment

It could be hardware, software, or other, but without the right tools for the job, you won’t be able to provide a superior result. Especially with auto detailing and appearance services, superior supplies result in a superior service and product. That’s why Rightlook provides quality auto detailing supplies for all of our training courses. And since our training courses are hands on, you will have already mastered the tools and products we supply.

With Rightlook, maintaining your business has never been easier. We’ve designed our business as a one-stop-shop for auto appearance supplies, so you only have to call one number for anything you need.

Auto Detailing Marketing

You could be the most skilled auto detailer in the country, but who would know about it without an effective marketing campaign? Marketing is the only way you’ll generate the highest profit from your enhanced skills and equipment. It’s for this reason that Rightlook developed our own auto detailing marketing department dedicated to the auto appearance industry. At Rightlook, we not only give you the skills and equipment to offer a great service, we provide you with attention-grabbing marketing techniques to get customers lining up to pay for your service. Web marketing, print advertising, logos, apparel – we do it all, and we can help you put together the ideal strategy for your business.

With Rightlook you can find all the essentials for starting your own car detailing business. With expert training, quality supplies, and superior marketing, Rightlook can quickly get you on the road to detailing success.

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