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Extreme Clean Mobile Auto Detailing Trailer Business 1

Extreme Clean Mobile Auto Detailing Trailer

Extreme Clean Mobile Auto Detailing is ready for business with this “just Completed” Rightlook 9800 Mobile Auto Detailing Trailer. Notice the strong graphics, logo and branding created by Rightlook Creative our in-house marketing team. This auto detailing trailer will draw attention and generate sales. Also notice the “take one” card holders on three sides. Prospects can walk right up to this trailer and grab a business card. By looking like a million dollars and having strong branding you book more jobs and get higher average invoices. This stuff really works to set our customers far from their competition.

All of the great Rightlook Equipment makes this auto detailing trailer ready for serious money making. This model even features extra storage up front. We work with our customers to develop a logo and brand that they are excited about. This trailer wrap all features our “Take a card!” idea which is great for potential clients to grab a card when you’re not around. This trailer is loaded up and ready for shipping to our customer!

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