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Auto Detailing Equipment Skid Mount Pressure Wash and Detailing System

Convert your truck or van into a professional auto detailing rig with’s RightWash Auto Detailing Skid Mount Pressure Wash Unit. This professional unit is all inclusive and ready to go to work for you. Features include a high powered generator, pressure washer and our best selling 90 gallon water tank, all mounted on a custom powder coated steel frame. This frame is built with anti-slip pads designed to keep the unit from moving around in your truck or van, offering a smooth, quiet ride with virtually no vibration. This unit comes complete with a deluxe filtration system keep your pressure washer free and clean of debris. It also sports our best selling water pressure bi-pass system to add years of life to the water pump pressure washer system.’s RightWash Auto Detailing Skid Mount Pressure Wash Unit fits most full size pickup trucks and vans. This unit does not need to be bolted down and can be removed and put into storage, offering you the opportunity to keep your vehicle for personal use whenever needed.

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