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I Do Compliment The Class & I’d Definitely Come Back – Advanced Auto Detailing Training Testimonial

Investing in yourself and your business is one of the most important things you can do as an entrepreneur. Every successful auto styling business owner has to start with the knowledge of the services they want to offer such as Auto Detailing, Nano Ceramic Coating Application, Vehicle Wraps, Window Tinting or anything else.

Francisco came to us after recently purchasing his business after working 18 years in the automotive industry. “I’m a big car guy, so I’ve always taken care of my cars, but I’ve always paid somebody else,” he explains. “when I finally started doing it for myself, just ignited something in me,” he recalls of his passion for car care and what brought him to find

He describes himself as a ‘fast-paced learner’ but really appreciated the organized approach of his instructor, Ruben. “I think you really have to start from step one. So you kind of have to crawl before you run. So I think Ruben does a good job of making us understand that we can’t just jump steps and get to the finish line,” he explains. Francisco continues, “So taking that approach to really teach us how to thoroughly get stuff done, it really helps.”

One of the unique things in’s Advanced Auto Detailing Training compared to other learning environments is the hands-on experience with Paint Correction and Nano Ceramic Coating. This was something Francisco didn’t have a lot of experience with before arriving. “I think just understanding what a correct polisher opened up my eyes a lot…I mean, just working with these the correct machine makes a big difference,” he recalls.

Francisco couldn’t be happier with his investment in himself and his business with, “I feel really comfortable and with everything that we learned and that we’re still learning. So I feel like my money went to a good use. And it’s not the money aspect. It’s about what we’re learning and taking with us. So I appreciate that so much.” We can’t wait to see all the great things that Francisco gets up to with his new business!

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