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Professional Dent Removal Training Testimonial by Stanley Tom

Realizing just how profitable Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is, Stanley took Rightlook’s professional Dent Removal Training class to learn about PDR techniques and the business in general.

Despite having a rough first day, Stanley was able to overcome his preliminary hurdles the following day began to get more and more confident in his PDR skills throughout the week. “After the first day I pretty much wanted to say, ‘forget it’ but I hung in there and did a lot better. Just being able to fix the dent to almost a 100% considering it’s ust the third day… that was a great feeling,” shared Stanley.

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Hi my name is Stanley Tom; I’m from Las Vegas, NV. I came to Rightlook for pdr training. I took pdr because I’m thinking about doing it on my own and the money’s great. The size of the class is great, it’s a little more personal and it’s not a big crowd so you don’t have to worry about not getting enough attention. My fellow classmates were great, very friendly.

Greg is my trainer and he’ll let you work at it first and then make a suggestion. It’s not one of those, ‘my way or the highway.’ he’ll come periodically to each person or look over and make suggestions sometimes too. He’s a great teacher, easy going and he’s very patient—just ask him a question and he’ll answer it. He’s pretty fun to work with.

After the first day I pretty much wanted to say forget it but I hung in there and did a lot better. To tell you the truth, the second day was great, the third day was great. It was just a little nervous when we got to the car; I got it up to like 99% which on the first day I didn’t think I’d get it close to that. Just being able to fix the dent to almost a 100% considering it’s just the third day, or the second day actually I got to 99% and that was a great feeling. It was a great experience—if anyone wants to learn PDR you should come to this class.

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