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Alloy Wheel Repair Training by Dave Cobb

As the manager of the detail department back at the dealership he works at in Myrtle Beach, Dave came to train at Rightlook’s Alloy Wheel Repair class to expand on what they can do. With his confidence and wheel and rim repair skill increasing during training, repairing the wheel and rims became easier. Dave shares that by the time he finished refurbishing his last wheel for the class, the entire wheel and rim repair process felt very natural for him.

Dave also commented on the size of the class, noting that it was small and how much attention he was able to get from the Wheel Repair instructor. He also liked that everyone got to work on their own station with their own set of tools and equipment, giving him plenty of hands-on experience and preparing him for wheels attached to actual cars.


My name is Dave; I’m from Myrtle Beach and I came to Rightlook to learn wheel repair. I work at a dealership; I run the detail department and just looking to expand what we can do, add some more services. I trained with Ruben— extremely professional. Any questions we had he had an answer for and he was always right beside us, right behind us. The dummy wheels were a little tough, they wobbled a little bit but each wheel got a little easier and got a little more confidence so by the time we were doing the last wheel it seemed really natural.

If the class was any bigger we probably wouldn’t have gotten this much individual attention. With 3 people it worked out perfectly—everybody had their own tools, equipment, and work station. Like I said, every wheel got a little easier so my confidence level was increasing by every wheel. By the time I did that last wheel I felt great.

I feel that I learned a new skill, something that I can take back and that’s going to make me money. Really enjoyable training session and the small class sizes, great tools, great product. I learned a lot and can’t wait to get back and put some of this to use.

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